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Introduction / SPAMM at Float


Introduction / SPAMM at Float

at Float

»Vi­su­al arts have en­t­e­red a new era. It’s a place where im­me­di­a­cy rules, where vi­su­al arts be­co­mes vir­tu­al«, pro­mi­ses the Super Art Mo­dern Mu­se­um, or SPAMM for short. Michaël Bor­ras aka Sys­tai­me and Tho­mas Che­ne­seau foun­ded the on­line mu­se­um in Fran­ce, al­beit that geo­gra­phi­cal in­for­ma­ti­on is prac­tical­ly ir­re­le­vant in the in­ter­net era. Bor­ras and Che­ne­seau pre­sent more than 50 works from the 'com­mu­ni­ty', ano­ther con­cept that does not fol­low geo­gra­phi­cal fron­tiers. Eight of these works can now be seen at Float in two parts. The new 'Di­gi­tal Art Avant-gar­de' dis­co­vers each other, re­cei­ves and pro­du­ces, com­mu­ni­ca­tes and grows. This is a scene that is not ac­ces­si­ble to ever­yo­ne, ne­ver­the­l­ess ex­tre­me­ly pro­duc­tive. All over the world, new ar­tis­tic po­si­ti­ons arise that evade the 'White Cube': ani­ma­ted GIFs, Glit­ches, web based con­cep­tu­al art, three-di­men­sio­nal ani­ma­ti­ons.

In­sti­tu­ti­ons have grown around di­gi­tal art, real and vir­tu­al spaces such as the Rhi­zo­me at the New Mu­se­um in New York, the MACBA in Bar­ce­lo­na and the Ber­lin based Trans­me­dia­le give these po­si­ti­ons a stage and an au­di­ence. Pi­xels are the ma­te­ri­al ar­tists use to paint and shape, rea­li­zing their aes­t­he­tic vi­si­ons. Howe­ver, there is not­hing wrong with being seen as a nerd. This ste­reo­ty­pe al­lows young ar­tists to ex­pe­ri­ment and can also be­co­me the ma­te­ri­al for hu­mo­rous self-re­flec­tion. Je­re­my Bai­ley, who was part of the pre­vious Float ex­hi­bi­ti­on, likes to poke fun at the ty­pi­cal nerd and the whole spec­trum of media art. He crea­tes pixel sculp­tu­res, which he in­te­gra­tes in video clips as over­lays to his body and com­ments iro­ni­cal­ly. A guest ex­hi­bi­ti­on cu­ra­ted by SPAMM dis­plays ten­den­cies wi­t­hin the cur­rent di­gi­tal art. Four ar­tists work in the first part of the two-part ex­hi­bi­ti­on in SPAMM’s vir­tu­al pro­ject room. They all crea­te ani­ma­ted GIFs and sculp­tu­res for a vir­tu­al space.

August 27, 2012
Haupftbahnhof Offenbach

Anthony Antonellis
Jasper Elings
Emilio Gomariz
Michael Manning

Curated by SPAMM (Thomas Cheneseau, Michaël Borras)

Text: Sabine Weier
Translation: Lukas Fath

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