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Manuel Roßner


How to view the exhibition

  1. Cardboard
    Visit the exhibition by combining your mobile with cardboard VR glasses like these. Hit the "Enter"-Button on the exhibition page and then click "VR" bottom right. Follow the instructions. When asked about the interaction mode we suggest to chose "gaze". Then you'll be able to move between spaces by looking at the dots you'll find a little longer.

  2. Mobile Version
    Visit the exhibition website with you phone and hit "Enter". You'll be able to look around the space on your phone. Tap on the dots in the spaces to move to another space.

  3. Virtual Reality Headset
    The exhibition can be downloaded as an application for HTC Vive or Occulus Swift.
    Download (Beta Version for Vive and Windows 64Bit)

  4. Desktop Computer 
    On mobile device you can rotate your phone or tablet to view the space. On desktop computers you can look around the exhibition with your mouse.

  5. Catalogue
    To get a copy of the catalogue that was published alongside the exhibition email us at: hello(at)


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